Free Release

by Flint Blade

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free release is about letting go and giving in and springing forth and diving right into life without holding back.

free release is about putting it all out there.

while the first and last songs are both spontaneous improvisations, everything in between represents me in my home studio covering most of the bases -- making beats, pressing record, singing and playing chapman stick (not to mention didjeridoo, hand percussion, hammond organ, trumpet and kazoo)

each of these songs has its own story.



released July 28, 2011

trevor hauge performs:
raagini on open your eyes, guitar on thank you for being and save the trees (bonus track).

blizzillionaire performs rap verse on save the trees.

most other sounds by flint blade.



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Flint Blade Florida

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Track Name: You Can Do Anything
ooooo... aahhh..
Track Name: Budding Dub
we're gonna go ahead and live tonight, ain't nobody gonna stop us now.
we're gonna go ahead live tonight, every way that we know how!
Track Name: Open Your Eyes
open your eyes to the love all around you
it is everywhere
all around you
Track Name: Thank You for Being
I just want to thank you for everything that you are.
thank you for being a part of my life that I would never change or trade for the world.
thank you for sharing a part of yourself with me and touching my soul.

you mean more to me than words could ever say
you mean more to me than thoughts could ever know.

thank you for being.
Track Name: Hold the Cheese
hold the cheese! I don't need any, I'm vegan; and I'm free in this believin, breathin, being state I be in. Even if it's European, I'll be seein' if there's cheese 'n if there is, I'm gonna be in the garden not even grievin' cause it's vegetable season! everything is green and gleamin' and I'm grinnin cause we're winnin and the Earth just keeps on spinnin! It's a win-win situation when I'm givin and I'm livin and I'm lovin every moment I've been given and I give in to the inspiration every minute that I'm in it is a universal thank-you-kind-of-minute! I just want to thank you, God, for my body and my soul! a living room with drums and cushy pillows on the flo! i love gettin to know you and I really want to show you all the light that I can shine, honor one love divine, everything is in the mind so I'm dreamin all the time, singin I'm in love and I feel fine.
Track Name: Save the Trees (featuring Blizzillionaire) *EXPLICIT*
we've got to save the trees.
don't cut down our forest, please.
we don't need no animal testing, cause
trees are much more interesting.

listen up, this is what the song is about:
they're called Scripps and they're trying to cut the woods down, put a biotech city in its place.
do you really think that that's a better use of space? so we're gonna let 'em know, gonna tell 'em "hell no," tell 'em "you can take your biotech and shove it down your throat.
we don't need what you got, we like trees a lot!
we know what you're doing, we want you to STOP.
you're purchasing monkeys, making them hurt.

you're torturing animals and calling it research.

We're changing the world with the sound of a bass drum.
We're saving the trees, go on back where you came from!"

we've got to save the trees.
don't cut down our forest, please.
we don't need no animal testing, cause
trees are much more interesting.

"We're not going to allow deforestation.
We have no need for your animal experimentation."